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  • Franklin Park Zoo

    Sep 25, 2022

    We had plans to visit friends in Dorchester today, and earlier in the week I thought “well what else can we do if we have to drive to Dorchester”, then realized the Franklin Park Zoo was nearby, and the weather looked nice, and it was “Princess & Pirates” day so why not.

    We went to the zoo in 2020 but not to see the animals, to see the Zoo Lights. I’d never actually been there to see the animals. On a scale of 1-10 I’d give the zoo a solid 7. Going during Zoo Lights but not at night means the park is more decorated, and given that its past Labor day there wasn’t much of a crowd, although a few animals were away. I assume in Florida.


    • The “open air” exhibits were the big hits, like the rooms where the birds could fly around or the butterfly house.
    • Lorelei: “ocelots in real life are cuter than in Minecraft”.
    • I’ve always kind of thought of tapirs as being about the size of a dog about apparently some are 600 pounds.
    • We spent a little over 3 hours there, which included eventually getting food because we had planned on being there more like 2 - 2.5 hours.
    • 📸
      look at this absolute Chad.
    • Driving to a point in Boston has gotten so much more annoying in the last 10 years that it might have been easier to drive to the zoo in Providence had we not already had a reason to be in Dorchester.

    Sep 23, 2022

    Why do people climb the ladder? “Because it’s there.” And when they don’t have any other goals, the ladder fills a vacuum.

    If you never make the leap from externally-motivated to intrinsically-motivated, this will eventually becomes a serious risk factor for your career. Without an inner compass (and a renewable source of joy), you will struggle to locate and connect with the work that gives your life meaning. You will risk burnout, apathy and a serious lack of fucks given..

    The times I have come closest to burnout or flaming out have not been when I was working the hardest, but when I cared the least. Or when I felt the least needed.📈📉💔

    From THE HIERARCHY IS BULLSHIT, WE CAN DO BETTER.. Happy Friday everyone.


    Sep 21, 2022

    We were out at lunch the other day and after burning through all the games on the front of the kids menu, Lorelei turned the menu over and started Tic-Tac-Toe on the back. Andrea suggested Hangman instead, and started explaining how you play it. It occurred to me that Hangman is… well kind of awful, so I suggested instead of Hangman we play DOOMCAT. Which is drawing a cat: two ears, two eyes, two pairs of whiskers, two teeth and then the DOOMCAT eats you. Which is also a little morbid but at least avoids antiquated forms of capital punishment.

    We ran out of paper and then we ran out of food and left. Lorelei mentioned she liked and I thought, well, what if I just made it for you to play whenever.

    So… I made DOOMCAT.

    DOOMCAT the game in action

    Some fun things:

    • The cat emojis came from OpenMoji. They’re well set up for slicing for simple animations like this.
    • Rather than set up a new project I made the entire thing in Code Sandbox then exported it to Github. From there I added it as a project in Netlify and made the custom domain a subdomain of this site which, as far as I can tell, worked and didn’t break anything.
    • The GIF above was made with Gifski.
  • I Want To Believe

    Sep 11, 2022

    Nice evening in Boston. Met up with the parents for dinner at Citrus & Salt

  • Strange Weather

    Sep 7, 2022
  • A Little More Love for Links

    Aug 31, 2022

    I’m going to start treating links as content and not as a separate thing living under links. I started thinking about this by way of Stat’s Page on Jim Nielsen’s blog, which led me to Indexing My Blog’s Links, which got me thinking that all the inline links I post get lost in posts over time, and the posts I created as "link" type posts were... not numerous. There’s a lot of things I read which are interesting, and it’s a disservice to the Internet (alright… it’s a disservice to me when I go to look these things up again) to not treat them as the rest of the content.

    So, I updated the links page to show all the external links ever posted here, and I’ll try to get better about re-sharing the good stuff I find. And I’ll remember to share links with the whole link title instead of some clever words because that might be clever but it is not helpful.

  • The Comedy and Tragedy of County Fairs

    Aug 27, 2022

    We went to the Caledonia County Fair yesterday. I used to go with my parents every Summer when I was a kid, because it was honestly about the only thing to do in the Summer in the Northeast Kingdom back then, short of the day they switched the movie at the theatre in St. Johnsbury.

    I don’t remember the fair as much: there were the cows, goats, other small animals being judged (with every single one seemingly winning first place), a demolition derby, a tractor/horse/ox pull, rides that had not seen a maintenance check since the day they left the facility that built them, the usual lineup of crappy carnival games and fair food mixed in with local grub.

    This year was a lot of the same. The big hit was the magic show — Lorelei got picked to be the last “assistant”, and was part of an elaborate “pick a card, any card” trick during which she was part of a sham wedding to a Vermont boy and was threatened to have her armed removed.

    The card Lorelei picked and how she made it clear it was hers.

    But the big difference from when I was a kid was the “guns and Trump” stalls all about the fair. Need a hat with a pistol on it and the words “we don’t call 911 here” above it? Need a Trump 2024 flag? Need a “let’s go Brandon”, uh, anything?

    Thirty years ago you’d see some knock off No Fear shirts, or Calvin pissing on whatever stickers, but it tended towards Beavis and Butthead levels of stupid and silly, not blatantly offensive. And it’s not like I think Vermont is the hyper-liberal wonderland some people picture it as (the “no steppy on snek” flags don’t stop at the Connecticut River) but it’s disappointing to see so much of the fair become political Hot Topics for shitfucks.

  • Above Black Bear

    Aug 23, 2022

    I wish I could post the sound for this photo. Well I can, I guess? There was no sound. You get out early enough here and there’s no other bikers, no road noise, heck even the birds seemed like they’d had their worms and were chilling.

    This didn’t help the voice in my head that kept wondering why the trail was named Black Bear. It’s just a fun name… right?

  • Green Mountains

    Aug 22, 2022

    A pleasant change from the brown yards of home.

  • You just gotta ignite the light

    Aug 15, 2022

    I mentioned in July I had some less than stellar ideas for watching Fourth of July fireworks without crowds. I made up for it tonight by getting a great spot for the Beverly Homecoming ones.


    It’s amazing how well the iPhone Pros can take pictures at night. In the past I’ve tried getting photos of fireworks with a decent DSLR and ended up with blurry lights, now I can balance the phone that I carry in my pocket on my ankle and get something good-enough in 3 seconds.

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