Cozy Gaming Season

Almost every year this time of year I pick up some “cozy games”, which generally means indie games that aren’t overly mentally taxing, have a good story, have a good gameplay loop, and have an “end” or an “I’ve enjoyed this enough” experience that you can hit in a few hours. The kid of thing you could finish between Christmas and New Years.

Here’s an incomplete list of games that have fallen into this bucket, if you’re looking for something to finish out the year. Everything links to Steam but they’re pretty widely available. 🌟 = ones I really enjoyed.


Games where you explore, power up, and explore some more.

Super Jumpman

Games where hand eye coordination is all you need.

Chill racing games

No competition just vibes.

Story time

Games with relatively limited mechanics where you’re really just learning about the world you’re part of.


Die, try again.

Strategy and Card Games

Take some time to think before you click.

Tiny adventures

Like the OG 2D Zelda games.

For 2023

This year I’ve got a Steam Deck to play on (thaaaanks Kyle), which is the perfect cozy gaming device, and I’m giving these a shot:

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