The Harvard Museum of Natural History

For February break we decided to take a trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. It was a toss up between this and the Boston MFA, but since the main draw of the MFA — for Lorelei (8) — was mummies and nothing else, we went with this museum instead.

For the admission fee you can also go into the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology. All told we spent about 2.5 hours between the two of them, and everyone enjoyed it. The one mark against it is some of the exhibits could use more information about their history. Like, how did they get into the museum. I assume some rich Harvard grad bought them and donated them but like, how does one buy an assortment of dozens of stuffed hummingbirds anyway.

Some photos:

A perpetually lazy sloth.

Yer the best weasel to me buddy.

The two-story tall “Hall of Mammals” is the highlight of the museum.

Got another pic of me with a cat behind me.

Not pictured but enjoyed:

  • A lot of rocks in pretty colors.
  • Dinosaur bones.
  • A bee ombré figure 8 display.

The highlights:

  • For me it was the Hall of Mammals, but I’m a fan of those wild turn-of-the-century stuffed animal and bone collections.
  • Andrea’s favorite thing was a display of the Hoosier cabinet in a Peabody collection about kitchens and cooking.
  • Lorelei’s favorite thing was “the hamburgers”, which was not a feature of the museum but of Boston Burger Company where we ate after. When pressed for something from the museum she said “Godzilla” which — also not at the museum. But she did have fun and (hours later), admitted her favorite part was all the small animals.
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