I’d flip this table but it’s a smart one and it’s not responding

I wrote about this when iOS15 released, but by far the most frustrating thing about any new technology is that when it doesn’t work there’s absolutely fuck-all you can do to try to debug the issue.

I picked up a Eve smart plug for the Christmas tree. Added it to Home, flipped it off… couldn’t flip it back on. Unplugged it, plugged it back it, flipped it on, off… and that was it. Says it’s “not responding” in home. Then I notice one of the lights in that room (which has worked consistently until now), also “not responding”.

The answers online seem to always be “reset everything”, “power cycle everything”, “toggle every feature on your router”, or some other combination that would be easy if I had a trained monkey to push buttons in sequence.

Anyway, I haven’t figured it out yet, so tonight I’ll be unplugging the tree… from the smart plug.

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