Newport, RI

It’s not quite yet a tradition but this year and last we dropped our daughter off for an end of Summer week at the Grandparents and then went to Rhode Island. Last year it was Block Island, this year Newport. It was a shorter trip this year, as we planned on spending the latter half of the week doing house projects / staycationing, but it was a good two days.


We stayed at the Mill Street Inn. We would definitely go back, it was close to everything, had a nice roof deck, and every room is a suite. We started to prefer suites after traveling with a child — it’s nice to be able to put them to bed and sit in a separate space — but even without the kid if feels more relaxing to be able to spread out in a small apartment’s worth of space. Also we did in-room massages, and it was set up great for that.

They also did an in-room Continental breakfast, which is exactly the amount of effort I like to put in to getting breakfast when on vacation.


  • The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar - Good seafood, right on the water.
  • Brick Alley Pub - I guess this place has been around for a bit, it’s got that 80s pizza joint style where they bolt everything they’ve ever found to the walls. Food was good though.
  • Mr. R - Small plates restaurant, with some pretty interesting combinations of food. In a town full of seafood and burger places, this fits the bill for something a little lighter and more interesting.
  • Newport Sticks & Cones - Have you ever wanted an ice cream sundae on top of a Belgian waffle? Well wait no longer!
  • CRU Cafe - Sandwich shop, mixed bag (mine was a great Cuban, Andrea said her chicken salad was nothing interesting). Really the excitement here is watching the chaos that is parking in Newport in the Summer, as it’s just slightly outside of a plaza that has free parking for customers of that plaza, and the distinction is apparently enough of an issue that they needed a security guard to explain where to park.

Attractions and et cetera

Because we were only there for one full day, and got in late on a Sunday where a lot of things were closed, we primarily planned on doing a few mansions and walking around. On Monday we went to The Breakers and did a tiny bit of the Cliff Walk, and then before heading home we stopped at Marble House.

It is tradition that you take a photo that makes it look like you’re moving in to your new house, of course.

If we had more time (and they had been open!) I would have liked to go to the National Museum of American Illustration and Newport Art Museum. Also for all the times I’ve been to Newport I’ve still never made it around the Southern tip of the Cliff Walk to the beach!

I will note that one of the very appealing things about Newport if you’re staying in the heart of it is that you can walk everywhere, and if you don’t feel like walking there’s decent public transportation too. Obviously the weather has to cooperate, and you should avoid any weekends where some sort of boating event is going on that will push the restaurants to 300% capacity, but it’s a good town for wandering.