Rush - ing a repo

Some notes on moving an existing Git repository into a Rush monorepo structure:

  • The last monorepo setup I did was with Lerna. I much prefer the documentation and incredibly verbose configuration files of Rush. Lerna certainly has it’s place in specific setups but not the one I was trying to set up.
  • One point that wasn’t clear: if you have an existing repo you want to add rush to, you have to initialize it with rush init --overwrite-existing. Minor point but the error message from just running rush init didn’t make it clear that I should, and the documentation is a little vague on what --overwrite-existing is going to do (and it sounds worse than it is).
  • I used their suggestion of creating a package structure two levels deep. In this case /apps/[appname] and /tools/[toolname]. We’ll likely add a /libraries down the line, and migrate some more apps over.

Seems like a decent tool, so far. The requirements here are low, I’m not trying to create an omni-repo of all of our back and front-end projects, just colocating some already related pieces of code in a happy way, and setting up a future state so more projects can become more closely related in the future.