Tina CMS Test

A while back I wrote about migrating this site from Netlify CMS to Forestry. I liked Forestry a lot more than Netlify CMS, except for one annoying bit which was I wanted to use Digital Ocean spaces as the media manager, but it didn’t quite support it.

After a few months of using it the team behind Forestry announced they were rolling support off of it in favor of their new project, Tina CMS. I tried some of the early betas of that project but couldn’t (easily) get real time updates working and found the overall config cumbersome, so I didn’t follow through on setting it up.

They hit their 1.0 release a few months back and I saw references to it more often around the web, so I figured why not try it again. I’m writing this post with it. Config was easier, although their docs aren’t as straightforward as they could be, and had some errors in them, but I have real time editing updates working and media pulling from my Digital Ocean Space, which is all I ever wanted!

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