Weeknotes for the week ending June 20, 2021

  • It’s finished: Full photo of the patio in our backyard at night. Close up photo of the patio in our backyard at night.

Well, “finished”. We still need ~1.5 yards of top soil to make a flower bed, and the light “poles” are a “temporary” solution of zip-tying 2x2s to the chain link fence. As with every time we do a yard project I overestimated how much pea gravel we‘d need, so I‘m trying to figure out a place for what‘s left in the driveway before ordering more stuff to… have dumped on the driveway.

  • Woke up this morning and when my daughter came down she said “Happy Father’s day” followed by “… do you like salad?”. Me: “uh, sure?”

My Dad loves to eat... "salad"

She came up with the same answer for her Mom on Mother’s Day. We eat a side salad with dinner a lot in this household, but I don’t think either of us have ever been like “oh yum yum salad my favorite”.

  • The above was made during the last week of Kindergarten. Now comes Summer camp. Summer camp days run longer than school days (yay) but means driving there for dropoff and pickup instead of walking (boo).
  • That’s it, I think? After finishing up the patio I spent most of my free time just hanging out on it. We did have mojitos with garden mint last night (on the patio, of course).

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