Weeknotes for the week ending November 14, 2021


Lorelei riding her bike at the school. A bird’s nest with broken eggs on top of a pile of leaves. A mountain bike in the woods next to a beat up couch.


  • Our not quite five-year-old LCD TV has been acting up lately, sometimes turning two solid colors and then shutting down, sometimes not wanting to turn on, sometimes not wanting to turn off. Like any piece of modern technology, debugging the issue is a combination of:
    • Check every physical input, output, and also the software settings on the inputs and outputs.
    • Check the software settings on the TV itself.
    • Reset all of the above.
    • If it’s still failing you can narrow it down to a hardware issue. The TV has a mainboard, a T-Con board, and a power controller. Try to figure out, based on what’s failing, which of these is most likely. Given the set of symptoms I’ve seen, they all seem equally likely.
    • Do some mental math on whether or not the cost of parts + time is < a new TV, factoring in that the new TV will have 5 years of technology improvements.
    • Now do the last equation but factor in that the new TV will also have 5 years of additional software related issues.
    • Give up, go outside.