Weeknotes for the week ending October 24, 2021

Get in the pit

Days N Daze at the Middle East in Cambridge

Went to a concert for the first time since COVID. The show was Crazy & The Brains (first punk band I’ve seen use a xylophone), Bridge City Sinners, better explained in their own words:

And Days N Daze, short one member, but made up for with some mouth trumpet and backup from the previous bands.

Two notes:

  • I think this was the biggest crowd I’ve been around since the last show I saw at the Middle East, in January of 2020. Go big or go home, I guess.
  • I adore that no one in Cambridge cares about other people at all. It’s already pretty on-brand for New Englanders to ignore other people, but when a person in a skull mask, leather jacket with studs, and a kilt can walk around with no one saying anything, that’s perfect.

And shoutout to Dan for getting the tickets and convincing me to leave the house. We both acknowledged it’s a lot harder these days.


An iPhone 13 Pro showed up this week. I wasn’t planning on upgrading my XR (it was fine), but the AT&T trade-in for a decent amount of money only to be mind-controlled by them for the rest of your life1 was hard to pass up. Also, the number of cameras. My XR was definitely lacking in Fuck Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades energy.

So far that camera has been great for taking pictures of my child who finds the most adorable faces to make.

Lorelei smooshing her face


Just posting this for posterity, so some day my kid can find this and know that I was good at video games (some times, when other people are bad).


  1. I was just pushed an update (over 5G, of course), that informed me this is not true.