An illustrated guide to why I haven’t been posting as much

A few reasons:

  1. It’s been a beautiful Summer

Like, super nice. Lots of times I’ve just gone out and sat on the back porch and done this for a bit:

Scene from Con Air where Nic Cage feels the breeze of freedom.

Granted, it’s nice because it’s been dry, no rainy days, not a lot of humidity, so we’re slowly heading towards a future that looks like this:

Scene from Mad Max where they release the water to the people waiting below

  1. I’ve been playing a lot of Elden Ring

Probably not a lot by some standards but a lot by my standards. I’m working on Platinum-ing it. It’s good. That might be an understatement. It might be my favorite game ever, just need to make it through the last few bosses to make a final judgement.

Screenshot from Elden Ring

  1. I’ve been playing guitar more

I went all in on Helix and picked up a Helix LT1 to replace my Pod Go. It’s cool and makes loud noises at reasonable volumes.

Angus Young playing guitar.

  1. We’ve been doing house projects

Sometimes it feels silly to be redoing parts of a house that’s not even 10 years old, but it turns out that when builders do a new construction you get a decent house built to the latest standards and literally the cheapest versions of every single thing to finish the house. For example, I was at the store today looking for a replacement for our back lights2 and I found our current lights. They cost $7. In 2022! The light bulb in them cost more than that.

Andrea has done most of the planning and work, but she subcontracts to me for plumbing and electrical and moving heavy stuff and some amount of demolition although that’s mostly because I want to use the sawzall.

our redone guest bathroom


  1. More on this later.

  2. More on this later too.