This is just a post to say I was laid off last week. I won’t write an elegy on the love of a corporation lost, I never presumed this was a forever thing and I would hope that no one reading here is naive enough to believe it ever is.

Instead I’m thinking a bit more about the future, in all it’s uncertainty. But the two things I do know now are:

  • I’m going to take some time off, first. I haven’t taken more than a week and a few days in about 10 years, and that includes a multiple moves and the birth of our child. While keeping an eye out for the next thing I’m going to tackle some personal projects I never got to while full-time employed.
  • I’m not sure I want to go back to playing the corporate meta-game of leveling and promotions and fighting for access to the right projects and right people. I don’t know what avoiding that entails, but maybe that’s what part of the next few months are for. I’ve switched professional careers three times, I’d like to believe that I’m still flexible enough to find a path that’s going to make me happy in the long run.

What I will say for the past: I worked with a really great team on an interesting project for, at least in my experience, a pretty long time. I still believe in the power of the Internet to help bring people together, and what I worked on did that, every day, for a lot of people. As with most things builders build it will live on without me, but I can say with some pride of this one, “hey, I worked on that!”