Any Given Saturday Afternoon

Jun 23, 2019

I watched the "Any Given Saturday Afternoon" episode (S3:E7) of Documentary Now! on Netflix this weekend. Documentary Now! is a great show to begin with but this one really killed me because I bowled in a league for many years, and it's a nearly one-to-one spoof of A League of Ordinary Gentleman which every bowling nerd watched when it came out. Spoof might not even be the right word, the source material is as ridiculous as the Documentary Now! version, with the exception of way more Alf references. I think. Honestly if the Alf stuff was in the original and I just forgot I wouldn't be supris

If you watched "Any Given Saturday Afternoon" and weren't familiar with who Tim Robinson and Michael C. Hall were portraying you'd miss out on most of the humor. A League of Ordinary Gentleman is worth watching, but if you're short on time Tim Robinson's character, Rick Kenmore, is an almost unaltered portrayl of Pete Weber, and you can understand Pete Weber from this amazing, 26 second long YouTube video entitled "PETE WEBER GOD DAMMIT I DID IT WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE".

Posted: June 2019