Shelf Love Podcast

May 3, 2020

Late last year my wife started a new podcast called Shelf Love.

I built her a website. It was not good. It worked, but brought us both great shame.

To be fair, at the time there wasn’t a lot of content, and most of what she needed/wanted from it was theoretical. But, time has passed, and now there’s 38 episodes with many more to come, a blog, and a newsletter.

Beyond a visual refresh, the back-end of the site was changed from pulling episode content from Storyblok to pulling it directly from Simplecast which means content isn’t living in two places. Storyblok is still in play for page content and blog posts. It’s also still a GatsbyJS site distributed through Netlify.

Anywho, go check it out.

Posted: May 2020