Jan 11, 2021

Hawk, guy

Our backyard is a tiny stretch of trees before a river, but there are a lot of trees. If you asked me how many, I couldn’t guess, if you asked me what kinds I’d say “tree kinds”, but if you ask me to look at the back window and spot a bird through the hundreds of thousands of branches my brain will pick them out in an instant every time. Just don’t ask me what kind of bird.

This feathery friend keeps showing up in our backyard, on the same branch every time. Or, feathery foe, to at least some of the other animals nearby, although I wouldn’t know it, he usually hangs out for an hour then flies away.

Photo is tightly cropped from a 200mm DSLR lens. Every time I see him I tell everyone else in the house, but it’s cold and they give up before finding him.

a hawk in a tree in our backyard

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