May 16, 2021

Weeknotes for the week ending May 16, 2021

  • First meal from our garden: cucumber and watermelon salad with mint. That might sound impressive, but the only ingredient from the garden was the mint.
  • Got a decent bike ride in. One thing from this time last year that I do miss was the reduction in traffic, but I can understand why everyone wanted to be out on a near eighty-degree day in May.

Being able to ride to the ocean is a thing I will never stop appreciating.

  • I’m pretty much back to living my life how I was pre-pandemic, I think, except for wearing a mask indoors. I went into Boston, ran errands this weekend, went to the mall, which, was hard to get me in to ever.
  • Been messing around with Groovebox and Blocs Wave by Ampify Music, I really love the way they’ve designed these apps, they’re the only music creation apps that I could quickly come to terms with. Hope to have something tangible from it soon.
  • I’m back to logging my day in Bear. It’s nice to just have it open wherever and throw things I think of or what I’m doing in it. Sometimes I even talk to it on my watch.

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