May 30, 2021

Weeknotes for the week ending May 30, 2021

  • It’s my birthday. And we’re on vacation. And it’s like 50 degrees and raining. I still put May as the second best weather in New England (the end of September / beginning of October being the best) but it’s still New England weather.
  • But we’re renting a house and who doesn’t love digging through the random mugs at the rental house for the best one (I didn’t pick this, but I appreciate the choice). A coffee mug that says "I Dig Gardening"
  • We released a new feature at work yesterday, you can now talk to a veterinarian on the weekends. After a year of doing work on an application that had nearly zero users I appreciate working on something that I can see people using.
  • I finished Can’t Even. I’m a millennial who usually can Can Even--maybe because I’m now an elder/geriatric/ancient millennial, but the book raises a lot of good points, like the switch from pensions to 401ks producing an endlessly growing economic engine that splits society into essentially people who are in debt and people who make money off of money. I have mixed feelings about unions and the death of said unions. My first job out of college I was a contractor working alongside union members and a lot of the stories of "the good old days" were just... white guys taking advantage of the fact that they were white guys. I’m not sure it was that different than in tech today, where white guys hire other white guys for good paying jobs. I still think the book does a good job of hitting the "Greatest Hits" of what’s wrong with our generation.

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