Weeknotes for the week ending August 1, 2021

Aug 1, 2021
  • I took Monday off and the week flew by. Also, it’s August?
  • Released code at work this week which was a huge refactor that had (🤞) no noticeable changes to the existing application. Another to add to the list of “big red diff refactors” I’ve done. I think I enjoy doing them, but much less than adding features that users get to use, so if I could instead figure out a way to, Terminator style, go back and prevent devs from thinking they need to immensely overcomplicate a handful of asynchronous API calls before building the project that I eventually work on, that would be even better.
  • Got two rides in this week. One where I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go, went a few miles off course, absolutely abused my poor Masi cross bike, ended up with a flat and had to walk the last mile and a half. Hard to say if it was the rock gardens, riding over a thicket of thorny bushes, or missing an enormous pothole on a dirt road and ramming the back rim of it so hard I almost went over the bars that caused the flat but I appreciate that the tube held out until almost the end. Not the first time I’ve ended a ride walking [^1], but it’s a uniquely dispiriting experience pushing a broken bicycle and while other bicyclists pass you by.
  • Second ride was a much calmer ride with my daughter which was measured in “would you rather” questions per mile [^2]. Must be a thing the kids are into at Summer camp this week.
  • The tilers came to tile our kitchen this week, it looks great, but I learned that while you might buy x number of boxes of tile, if they’re from different batches, they might not look as similar as you would think. A few last minute shuffles of where the tile would go took care of it. Agile home improvement, I’ve been calling it.
  • The weather this weekend is unbelievable. We had touch up painting to do yesterday and opened all the windows and doors to let the breeze air everything out. Our extremely indoor cats have no interest in leaving the house but they do appreciate the smells and extra clear bird chirps.
  • I updated this blog’s version of react-markdown and cleaned up how it was implemented, the main effect of which is now I can use [^3] footnotes!

[^1]:Nor the worst: I once rode too far for the shape I was in, and my right quad stopped working. I had a fully functional bike but couldn’t physically pedal it any further, and was a few miles and about a thousand feet of elevation away from my car. [^2]: Hundreds, easily. [^3]: Abuse, really.

Posted: August 2021