Sep 19, 2021

Weeknotes for the week ending September 19, 2021

This week, summed up in two short scenes with my daughter.

Reading is fundamental

Scene: Local restaurant, on the outdoor patio. A rare family dinner outside the house because the grandparents were visiting before they set off on a cross-country train ride.

👨: What do you want to eat here?
👧: Hot dog!
👨: Are hot dogs on the menu?
👧: I dunno?
👨: Read the menu and see if you can find hot dogs.
👧: I can’t read!
👨: Yes you can, look at the menu and pick out something.
👧: Pizza! Ice cream! Waffles!

Later, outside after dusk. My father and daughter are talking about stars in the sky.

👧: Can I see your phone, I want to know what star that is.
👨: Opens Sky Guide, hands over phone.
👧: Oh, it’s Jupiter.
👨: How do you know?
👧: Points at screen. Ju-pi-ter. It says Jupiter.
👨: Picks up daughter by shoulders, turns her 45 degrees.
👨: What about that one over there?
👧: Venus!
👨: So you... can read?
👧: Noooooooooooooooo


Scene: at Stage Fort Park, down on the “boardwalk” looking at the ocean.

👧: Look, a shark!
👨: I don’t think there are sharks here.
👧: It’s right there!
👨: It’s probably just a ro… oh it is a shark.
Sandshark in the water near Stage Fort Park in Gloucester


  • I’ve used Magnet for window management on MacOS for a long time, but it turns out there’s a free option called Rectangle that works just as well, and you can install it via Homebrew, which is extra great because I have zero interest in using Mac App store apps on my work Mac.
  • I went too long before getting my coffee this morning (we picked up breakfast on the car ride over to aforementioned shark park), and the coffee was weak compared to what I make at home. Took a while to recover. Maybe I should have gotten instead.

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