Weeknotes for the week ending December 12, 2021

Dec 13, 2021

I was in the office two days this week. I took the train in both days, it was a ~50% as crowded as I remembered it from the pre-pandemic times. It was comfortably crowded, if you can call it that.

I missed the city. It’s not like we live in the farmlands but both days I walked from North Station to just past South, through the heart of downtown Boston, past historical landmarks from the early days of America and skyscrapers not yet a decade old. It is also mind-blowing to take that particular walk, because while I’m not native to Massachusetts I’ve lived here long enough to remember when it was just the noise and exhaust from 93 overhead.

Also I finally got a cup of coffee from George Howell at Boston Public Market. I like our local place more but it was good and I’m very glad for whoever thought to build the Boston Public Market.


Got my third Pfizer shot this week. That’s… as exciting as it was. Got a really great nap in later in the day.

What are you watching, Apple Watch

I do like my Apple Watch but lately it’s been… finicky. This was from a bike ride today.

I made it almost two miles without increasing my heart rate at all, and then teleported almost two miles later.

Christmas Prep


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