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Mar 13, 2022

Two things I worked on this weekend:

  1. I cleaned up all the crap on this site from it being a developer playground over the years. Multiple frameworks, 3+ CMSs, metadata from various and sundry file managers, unused APIs, image optimization code that never worked and was making 100s of additional images every time I built, etc. Now everything is done “the Next way”, including images, because I finally took the time to set up next/image using Next on Netlify. I cleaned up a bunch of components and the typography, so hopefully everything reads better.
  2. For Christmas this year we proposed the East Coast and West Coast families get together for a “paint (by numbers) night”. We ordered the paint kits for everyone, then forgot about it, then scheduled the time, but then people were busy, then we finally scheduled the time, and last night we did it.

Some people were a bit ambitious in their choices and might be occupied by this project until Christmas 2022. 8.5″ x 11″ is a good size. Excited to add this to the rotating art wall behind my on Zoom calls.

Posted: March 2022