Aug 6, 2022

Elden Ring

Platinum trophy from Elden Ring.

Frodo saying “it’s done” after he throws the ring into Mount Doom.

Some notes:

  • Took about 90 hours, not including time spent Googling “wtf is going on”.
  • Ended up doing two runs, one as a DEX/INT build with Ranni’s ending, and a second NG+ run as STR/FTH that was a speed run to the end so I could do the other two endings via some save scumming. DEX/INT I ran with Moonveil katana and Wing of Astel, and then got enough INT to throw the moon at people. STR/FTH I dual wielded Blasphemous Blade and the Gargoyle's Blackblade. Both were fun. Never used a shield.
  • If you’ve never played a Dark Souls game, this is the easiest one to get into, for sure, and there are a lot of ways to have fun exploring and not constantly seeing YOU DIED screens.
  • Definitely a top ten favorite game. Maybe a top five. The open world map is just the right size: huge, and so much to explore, but almost every inch of it has enough to make it unique and memorable.

Now, time to wait for some more God of War.

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