Aug 31, 2022

A Little More Love for Links

I’m going to start treating links as content and not as a separate thing living under links. I started thinking about this by way of Stat’s Page on Jim Nielsen’s blog, which led me to Indexing My Blog’s Links, which got me thinking that all the inline links I post get lost in posts over time, and the posts I created as "link" type posts were... not numerous. There’s a lot of things I read which are interesting, and it’s a disservice to the Internet (alright… it’s a disservice to me when I go to look these things up again) to not treat them as the rest of the content.

So, I updated the links page to show all the external links ever posted here, and I’ll try to get better about re-sharing the good stuff I find. And I’ll remember to share links with the whole link title instead of some clever words because that might be clever but it is not helpful.

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