15 Years of the App Store

Jul 10, 2023

App Store turns 15 today. If you had a phone back then (the 3G, the worst phone they made, I broke three of them), you can look at your past purchases in the App Store. Looks like day 1 I picked up:

  • Facebook (ugh)
  • Super Monkey Ball (classic that never worked as well as the Dreamcast games)
  • eBay (still use it today!)
  • iTunes Remote (displaced by Airplay / the built in remote app)
  • The New York Times

It's wild scrolling up from there how many apps I've downloaded that aren't being used any more. Maybe 1 in 20 stuck around. These days I don't even look at the app store, it's quite a disaster of ads and games and things I have no interest in, but 15 years ago it did feel a bit like a new era of computing.

Posted: July 2023

Tagged: tech