Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Jul 23, 2023

Found this video on a Hacker News thread about Kevin Mitnick’s death, from this comment:

It’s about life and death and achieving your goals (or not). What I found interesting was Randy talks about wanting to be a Disney Imagineer, and when he got a chance to work with them, the thing he worked on was a virtual reality Aladdin ride. It jumped out to me because I remember that ride from one of our mid-90s trips to Disney World. At the time a bunch of people came in to see the event, but only a few got picked to ride — maybe four, if I remember correctly. Me and my mother got chosen, and my mom recalls someone else in line being mad about it because they thought the people picked should all be from different parties.

Anyway, it was pretty neat at the time, although I remember the helmet feeling clunky, and for someone pretty good at video games I found that VR world disorienting. But the experience is a well ingrained memory from my childhood, and as Randy says in the video, if you can bring that kind of joy to other people, maybe even lots of other people, you probably should.

Posted: July 2023