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    Weeknotes for the week ending June 27, 2021

    Jun 28, 2021

    Oh this one will be a simple project....

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    Weeknotes for the week ending June 20, 2021

    Jun 21, 2021

    The "no not salad" days of Summer.

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    Weeknotes for the week ending June 13, 2021

    Jun 14, 2021

    A little bit of everything, but only some of the time.

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    Weeknotes for the week ending June 6, 2021

    Jun 6, 2021

    Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away.

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    Weeknotes for the week ending May 30, 2021

    May 30, 2021

    Notes for the week ending May 30, 2021. Got older, read a book, did some work.

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    Weeknotes for the week ending May 23, 2021

    May 23, 2021

    What happened this week, May 27 - May 23, 2021.

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    Weeknotes for the week ending May 16, 2021

    May 16, 2021

    What happened this week, May 11 - May 16, 2021.

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    May 12, 2021

    Nearly post-COVID life.

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    An Album Some Days

    May 11, 2021

    Little less noise on the home page.

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    String Cleaning

    May 1, 2021

    Yet another Strat made nicer.

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    Throwback Thursday

    Apr 15, 2021

    Remnants of the past from my parent's attic.

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    Working Conditions

    Apr 10, 2021

    Thoughts on work schedules, pre and post pandemic, and how much you can expect from a 🧠.

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    Opening Day

    Apr 1, 2021

    I don’t follow the Red Sox nearly as closely as I used to, but I at least knew today was opening day. Or, was supposed to be, I saw it was cancelled. The last time I was at Fenway for opening day was 2009, and the weather was about the same, low 40s and rain / something that looks like snow but lands as rain. It was the middle of three events at Fenway that were each so miserably cold that I gave up on going for at least five years.

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    Marking the Pandemic by Plane

    Mar 27, 2021

    Last March, there were no planes. The sky was silent and empty. It occurred to me that in a lot of places, the sky is always like that. But here, it was immediately noticeable that the planes were gone.

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    Mar 22, 2021

    A guitar cable and a kid.

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    One Year

    Mar 11, 2021

    One year of working from home, or whatever this last year was.

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    Stencil, Markdown, and web components in Markdown

    Mar 2, 2021

    I’ve had an idea floating around for a while: MDX is great, but I hate all of the steps around configuring / building React components with it. If I’m writing Markdown, HTML is valid in Markdown, and Web Components are valid HTML, so why not just stick Web Components in Markdown and call it a day?

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    Rush - ing a repo

    Feb 24, 2021

    Some notes on moving an existing Git repository into a Rush monorepo structure.

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    From Netlify CMS to Forestry

    Feb 23, 2021

    Why I switched the content editor on this site from Netlify CMS to

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    CDNs Aren’t as Useful as They Used to Be

    Feb 18, 2021

    When I was learning to be a web developer it was beaten into my head that if you were building a site and loading 3rd party scripts on it (e.g. jQuery, Bootstrap), you should load them from a CDN because if a user on your site had been to another site that used jQuery (likely) and they used the same version of jQuery (somewhat likely), and that other site also used the same CDN for jQuery (i.e., which was pretty likely given we didn’t have as many widely available CDNs back then), then the browser would pull the version of jQuery you were requesting from the cache instead of downloading it again. Everyone wins! Except the first site to request jQuery that a user hit with an empty cache.

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    My Favorite Apple Watch App

    Feb 6, 2021

    Dance kitty, dance.

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    An Album A Day

    Feb 1, 2021

    This post has no description!

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    New about page

    Jan 27, 2021

    I’ve been lazy about putting a new about page on this site, because I wanted to make it look better than the plain text wall I had in the last design. I decided since I’m sitting at my home desk almost always these days, I’d make an interactive version for you to play along with.

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    Fuck Donald Trump

    Jan 20, 2021

    Days after, or even the day of the 2017 inauguration, I was in North Station and someone was singing just the chorus of “FDT” over and over.

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    Who uses Safari

    Jan 19, 2021

    I’ve saved this screenshot for the next time I need to have a debate about dropping older browser support. It’s from My PlayStation, and the browser is Safari (desktop and mobile!). Literally no way to view your account on an iOS device without downloading the app. Some light Google-ing says there’s over 100 million people with Playstation accounts so it’s unlikely I’m the only person annoyed by this.

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    Finding is better than folding

    Jan 12, 2021

    Search > Sort

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    Hawk, guy

    Jan 11, 2021

    Our backyard is a tiny stretch of trees before a river, but there are a lot of trees. If you asked me how many, I couldn’t guess, if you asked me what kinds I’d say “tree kinds”, but if you ask me to look at the back window and spot a bird through the hundreds of thousands of branches my brain will pick them out in an instant every time. Just don’t ask me what kind of bird.

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    What’s a new year anyway

    Dec 31, 2020

    I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I think that is, in part, because I’ve lived in New England my entire life. Why start something in January - the month of short days, cold weather, general malaise, and then hope it sticks through February, the month I will always argue does not need to exist.

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    Dec 27, 2020

    Got the kid an instax mini 11 for Christmas. It’s an instant camera that develops on 1.8’’ x 2.4’’ film.

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    Dec 20, 2020

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em....

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