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βŽ‹ The Widening Responsibility for Front-End Developers @

[link | October 15, 2020]

In a stack I’m working with right now, the front end is in React, the API is in GraphQL and we use Apollo Client to work with data. We use a special β€œhook” in the React components to run the queries to fetch the data we need, and another special hook when we need to change that data. Guess who does that work? Is it some other kind of developer that specializes in this data layer work? No, it’s become the domain of the front-end developer.

βŽ‹ Winamp Skin Museum @

[link | October 8, 2020]

Maaaaaan I forgot how good (and unusable) some of those old Winamp skins were. The custom cursors and everything!

βŽ‹ Nova @

[link | September 27, 2020]

Nova is a new (vehemently macOS-only) code editor from Panic, the folks behind Coda. It’s like β€œCoda 3” except this was such a major re-write that they gave it a whole new name.

βŽ‹ Contrast @

[link | September 27, 2020]

Contrast is macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios. Make your designs accessible.

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