This is an infrequently updated (last: December 2nd, 2020) list of tools I use / apps I like. I currently exist in an entirely Apple/iOS/Mac world so it’s irrelevant to Windows / Linux users for now.

Apps I would recommend to anyone:

  1. Bear for note taking.
  2. Things 3 for todo lists.
  3. Procreate for drawing.
  4. 1Password for saving passwords and sharing documents with the family in a secure place.
  5. iA Writer for long form writing.
  6. News Explorer for reading RSS feeds.

Apps I use as a developer:

  1. iTerm 2 as a replacement for the default Terminal.
  2. Visual Studio Code with:
    1. the Moonlight II italic theme
    2. GitLens
    3. Project Manager
    4. Prettier
    5. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
  3. Homebrew to install things on MacOS without borking the entire system.
  4. Alfred for a bunch of weird little tasks, mostly text snippets but also launching apps in a particular state or running small scripts / automations.
  5. Magnet for arranging windows.


I’m currently working on projects built with:

  1. Two Vue SPAs on top of a .NET backend with a Contentful integration.
  2. Next JS deployed to Netlify.
  3. Gatsby deployed to Netlify with Storyblok and Simplecast integrations.