my name is Joe Martucci and I’m a web developer. I’ve been doing web development since the days of the blink tag.

I built my high school’s web page way back in the day. Then I went off to college and got an English degree and put web development in the back of my mind, did some work as a technical writer and other word-using professions, then got back into writing words with <>s, {}s, and []s around them.

I live outside Boston, by the 🌊 , with my 👩 👧 😼 😺 .

Other places online

I try to stick to one place, but you can look up my half thought ideas on Github, some slightly more thought out UI ideas on Codepen, hit me up on Mastodon, or connect on LinkedIn.


One of the main reasons I enjoy being a web developer is that you can release work that is immediately and widely available. One of my least favorite things is that sometimes… that work is replaced. Below, a list of the projects I worked on that still exist.

Why “built with coffee”?