Sunday Slothsday

    May 8, 2018

    Amish Barn

    Apr 15, 2018

    The only thing where you need a big group of people to do something is when you’re building an Amish barn.

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    Build and Deploy a Website in Under Five Minutes and Fifty-Five Seconds

    Mar 27, 2018

    At first glance, five minutes and fifty-five seconds seems like a pretty arbitraty unit of time to measure something by. Does it read better as 1 “Bohemain Rhapsody”?

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    Dude You Got a Dell

    Feb 3, 2018

    About a year ago I was ready for a new computer. I had money set aside to buy one, and was just waiting for the release of the new Macbook Pros. And then they released it... and I didn't get one. I had a number of older Macbook Pros that I 💖, and when I had them you couldn’t convince me to ever use a Windows laptop instead.

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