An obvious bug

    Apr 9, 2022

    A minimal reproduction of a bug that took too long to find.

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    The most writing in human history

    Apr 4, 2022

    There’s more writing going on now than ever before in human history.

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    React 18

    Mar 30, 2022

    React 18 [is now available on npm](

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    Two articles on web APIs

    Mar 19, 2022

    Web links worth reading on Canvas2D and the File System Access API.

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    Another set of speakers for the $100 speaker shootout

    Mar 15, 2022

    Edifier R1280T compared to the JBL 104, Apple Mini and Sonos Symfonisk.

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    All we need is just a little patience

    Mar 13, 2022

    Two things I worked on this weekend.

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    Interesting reads from the last week

    Mar 12, 2022

    Throughout the week I throw interesting articles in my Things inbox, to either file or re-read on the weekend. I’m clearing it out, but these are some I thought you might enjoy.

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    My favorite part of TypeScript is debugging the config

    Mar 10, 2022

    I love TypeScript, I do.

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    Take my books, please

    Mar 2, 2022

    I reorganized my office recently and — there’s too many books!

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    Netflix’s Explained: Coding

    Mar 1, 2022

    Oh, now I know how to do it.

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